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One Snapshot of Each Location on the Map of Michigan


Welcome to the Michigan Mapster Project. Over a three year period (2012-14) I drove to every city, town, village and hamlet in the state of Michigan. In each location, I took a photograph of something in that town that had the name on it.

Sometimes finding a photo opportunity took just a few minutes but often the search took much longer. Many of the towns only had a sign on the side of the road with their name on it as I drove into town. This was the case in nearly 100 instances. Other times I took pictures of several different things and then had a difficult time narrowing it down to one.

The bottom line: almost 1500 different places are displayed here. There were also around 80 locations where I could not find anything with the name of that town at all. These are listed on a separate page along with the county where they should have been located. These can be accessed by a link found on the 'Search Cities' page. Some of these still had signs of life such as a few occupied houses or perhaps a general store. Some were just ghost towns with a few ramshackle houses and maybe an abandoned old factory. Some showed no sign of civilization having ever been there.

I hope you enjoy this pictorial cruise through our great state.
Any feedback of yours would be most welcome.
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